Welcome to my blog 👋

I’m Johannes, Growth & Digital Marketing guy, problem solver, system thinker. 🚀

I’m passionate about things my girlfriend argues nobody can actually be into 🤷‍♂️, such as technical SEO, conversion rate optimisation, growth + experimentation process and marketing automation. I also have a weird obsession with creating unnecessarily nerdy, totally OTT (sometimes useful) spreadsheets such as this. 🤓

Since I’m from 🇩🇪, this is a humour-free zone*. Still interested in finding out more about me? 😱 Follow along, fellow nerd.

In June 2018, I hit the road with my partner in crime to see what the fuss of digital nomadism is about. When not sitting on a beach 🏖, I help companies with their marketing and growth. Interested in working with me? 🤠

Anyway, enough about me! I hope you enjoy my articles 🤘. Any feedback – tweet me @joradig or leave me a comment here.

*just kidding 😉


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