Working with me

If you are a start-up or established company looking to grow your business, I’d love to talk to you!

I focus mainly on 3 areas of growth:


I mainly focus on technical SEO and optimising content at scale to generate additional traffic to your site.

Growth Strategy

Looking to unlock new growth opportunities? I conduct a bespoke analysis, propose and prioritise test ideas based on revenue-potential and work with you on implementing them.

Business Reporting & Data Analysis

Looking for smarter ways to get a view on your business performance without breaking the bank? I set up slick dashboards & reports catered to your needs using Google Sheets & Data Studio.

Why work with me?

I’ve got over 10 years digital marketing expertise under my belt, including…

What others say about me…

Matt is 500 Startup’s former Partner for Europe
Tommy and I used to work together at PayPal. He’s the legend behind ClickMinded.
Gauthier worked as PayPal’s Analytics Director for EMEA, where we collaborated on several large-scale incrementality tests to prove the effectiveness of our advertising spend.
Elliott is Conversant’s Commercial Director / SVP, and we worked on several projects together during my time at PayPal.
Shuki All Things Data
Feedback from my talk at AllThingsData 2018, Israel’s biggest Marketing Analytics conference.

“Johannes is the Lionel Messi of SEO.”

Harrison Jones, Co-Founder of YallaParking

More the data type of person?

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  Truly Experiences – 15X SEO growth

Truly 15X SEO Growth
15X SEO Visibility Growth

Helped grow the overall business 3.5X in 2 years while increasing efficiency dramatically (2-3X CPA reduction)

Truly Acquisition Growth 2015-2017
Truly Acquisition Growth 2015-2017
Truly Revenue Growth 2015-2017
Truly Revenue Growth 2015-2017

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  Sunny Loans – Increased SEO 12X

12X SEO Growth

What else?

I also hold a masters degree in E-Marketing & Social Media (yes, that exists! 😄) and attended the Reforge Growth Series in 2017 (a highly selective growth programme led by Brian Balfour & Andrew Chen). I’ve also spoken at several growth & marketing conferences (e.g. Growth Hacking World Forum London ’16, Marketing Week London ’17, Measurecamp London ’18, AllThingsData Israel ’18).

Working with me – how does it work?

Just get in touch via email and let me know what challenges you’re looking to get help with. After initial emails, we’ll have a 30-60mins phone/video call to see if there’s mutual fit.

After that, my approach depends on the project and how you’d like to work with me. Please bear in mind: I’m a digital nomad (travelling & working at the same time), so meeting in person is usually not possible. I don’t work full time either (but with German efficiency). I work based on time-, project- or success-based remuneration.

Ready for some serious growth? Get in touch via email.